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What are Mag Wheels & What is a Flow Formed Alloy Wheel?

Commonly known as Alloys, wheels, Mags or rims. The term Mag wheels is a slang term, once used to indicate the lightweight magnesium wheels used in early drag racing. The term just hung around and is used to refer to aluminium or chrome type styled road wheels. Mag wheels don’t necessarily mean you have magnesium wheels, although you could, likely you just have some nice looking wheels.

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What are Mag Wheels & What is a Flow Formed Wheel?

Alloy wheels are wheels that are made from an alloy of aluminum or magnesium. Alloys are mixtures of a metal and other elements. They generally provide greater strength over pure metals, which are usually much softer and more ductile. Alloys of aluminum or magnesium are typically lighter for the same strength, provide better heat conduction, and often produce improved cosmetic appearance over steel wheels.

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A quick guide to buying new Rims and Tires

Tires, Tyres? Who cares!! They are black and round and keep you on the road! Today’s post is just a quick bit of information to help you in the decision-making process of buying new wheels. There are so many factors to choosing the right package for your car, and of course, there is no end of retailers who are quick to recommend a product to you without first taking the time to discuss your own personal needs, wants and desires.

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Caring for your Wheels and tyres

When it comes to car maintenance, we often forget about the wheels, focusing more on the body of the vehicle. However, regular cleaning and maintenance are as important for the wheels as it is for the car’s body.  Alloy wheels require more maintenance than others.  Properly maintained alloy wheels will add to the appearance and overall value of your car. But there is good news…

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3 must know tips when buying discount tyres

There are so many different brands of tyres available on the market now, and many places offer them up at a serious discount. It is important that you understand a couple of fundamental basics about tyres before you go and commit to spending your money!

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I want to lower my car, Lowering options explained in detail

In this video we run through your options when it comes to lowering your car, some of the do’s and don’ts of lowering.

Discussing different ways to lower your car and the affect each one has on the handling. We have a lot of people asking about ‘stance’ and how to achieve it so we do focus around the coilover setups in this video.

How do I choose the right wheels for my car

Platinum Wheels is for car enthusiasts who want something special from the look and handling of their vehicles. Our service is a completely new way to customise your car so that you get noticed wherever you go.

We provide a fast, one-stop solution to choosing the right wheels, tyres & suspension for your car. You’ll get the look you’re after first time – as well as a car that drives like a dream.

Avoid bad decisions – see a range of wheels ON your car Unlike traditional tyre stores that just point to wheels on the wall, our specialist selection service is designed to help you quickly choose the wheels, tyres and suspension that will make your car look awesome.

Nothing beats seeing your choice of wheel on your car. Our selection process includes a free test fit of your selected wheels on your car, so you get the choice right FIRST TIME. Get an awesome look and a dream drive The right combination of wheels, tyres and suspension will not only make your car look amazing – you’ll get a car that drives beautifully too.

You want a unique look and great performance. Our experience working with competition vehicles means we have the skills to deliver a great drive and a stunning look. Since we opened our doors in 2008, we’ve fitted thousands of cars every year with quality, high-value components that deliver style and performance on the road, at work and on the racetrack.

We can give you more options in price, style and performance and help you find specialist, elusive components through the connections we’ve developed with specialist suppliers of top quality components.

If you want to get looked at TWICE wherever you go then book in for a free test fit now… 09 486 5317 or [email protected]

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How do I find my tyre size? How to read your tyre size explained

How to read your tire size

One the sidewall of every tyre is a sequence of 3 numbers as explained below.

Example: 235 45 R17

  • 235 is the width of the tyre in millimetres.
  • 45 is the aspect ratio or tyre profile.
  • R means it is radial construction.
  • 17 is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.
  • Video Transcription:

    To find your tyre size, it’s actually pretty straight forward. There’s three numbers you’re going to be looking for.

    The first one is the width. In this case, it’s 235 millimetres. The second one is the profile, which is the percentage of the width. In this case, it’s a 45. The final one you’re looking for is the diameter. In this case, it’s 17 inch.

    We’ve got tyres for everything here. Hit us up for tyres.

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