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3 must know tips when buying discount tyres

There are so many different brands of tyres available on the market now, and many places offer them up at a serious discount. It is important that you understand a couple of fundamental basics about tyres before you go and commit to spending your money!

The first consideration is what type of driving do you do?  Not every car does the same kind of motoring and selecting tyre that is the perfect fit needs to take into consideration many factors. A performance car will require much more grip than a regular commuter car that simply drives to the supermarket and back. While budget will be a factor it is important to remember safety should always be your number one consideration over how much of a discount you are getting.

Secondly, be sure to choose a reputable brand that is readily available from many different retailers, the last thing you want to have happen is to get a flat tyre and not be able to find a matching replacement because you brought a discounted or end of line product. Generally, we find that the best tyre manufacturers produce their tyres in countries such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Europe. Tyres made in China can vary with some of the products performing surprisingly well and others not so well, it can be a bit of a mixed bag so it’s best to do your homework before buying a Chinese tyre or stay with something that you can trust.

Finally be sure to make sure that you are getting an ‘all-inclusive deal’ often a lot of places selling ‘discount tyres’ will advertise the price at a very lucrative deal to get you in the door, but once they get you where they will hit you with as many add-ons as humanly possible to make up for the huge loss of profits in the first place. When you buy tyres from Platinum Wheels we always include the cost of fitting, balancing, tyre disposal and new valves as part of the price.

Happy Motoring!

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