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Month: July 2017

A quick guide to buying new Rims and Tires

Tires, Tyres? Who cares!! They are black and round and keep you on the road! Today’s post is just a quick bit of information to help you in the decision-making process of buying new wheels. There are so many factors to choosing the right package for your car, and of course, there is no end of retailers who are quick to recommend a product to you without first taking the time to discuss your own personal needs, wants and desires.

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Caring for your Wheels and tyres

When it comes to car maintenance, we often forget about the wheels, focusing more on the body of the vehicle. However, regular cleaning and maintenance are as important for the wheels as it is for the car’s body.  Alloy wheels require more maintenance than others.  Properly maintained alloy wheels will add to the appearance and overall value of your car. But there is good news…

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3 must know tips when buying discount tyres

There are so many different brands of tyres available on the market now, and many places offer them up at a serious discount. It is important that you understand a couple of fundamental basics about tyres before you go and commit to spending your money!

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